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Personal Info

What is your full name?

  • Doug “DouglasDouglas” McDuggerton, the 3rd

How old are you?

  • 30

Where do you live?

  • Washington State, in Amurica

Is Youtube and Twitch your full-time job?

  • Yes, I have been full time on Youtube since 2019.

What is your schedule?

  • Currently I don’t have a schedule for Youtube or Twitch. I’m experimenting with a more unplanned schedule, and so unfortunately I can’t commit to a certain amount of youtube videos or streams. Sorry about that!

    • Every day that I do stream I will post in the #announcements channel on Discord, to give a heads up

    • And I will tweet on most days that I stream

What did you do before Youtube?

  • I used to work as an esports producer at Tempo Storm and ESL. I mostly worked on big Hearthstone tournaments like ESL’s Trinity Series or Blizzard’s Hearthstone Championship Tour. Before esports, I worked as a programmer, including 2 years working at EA. I have a Computer Science degree from UC Berkeley.

How can I contact you?

  • The best way to contact me is by emailing

  • I do my best to answer most emails, but due to my weird schedule I unfortunately can’t guarantee a response. But if you want to suggest or ask me anything, that has the best chance of me being able to respond!

Personal Info

DougDoug FAQ

Content Suggestions

Content Suggestions

Will you make a Youtube video about a specific game?

  • I don’t know! I usually pick my next Youtube video based on whatever sounds like the most fun to edit - I don’t really plan out my videos way in advance. However, if you would like to suggest a video idea, there is a “#stream-suggestions” channel in the Discord which I read through!

Will you make a Youtube video about a specific stream?

  • Unfortunately, I take a long time to edit my Youtube videos - this means that I can only make Youtube videos for a few of my Twitch streams. So while I would love to make a video about every single stream, I can only pick a few to edit.

Will you play a specific videogame on stream?

  • Maybe! But I already have a LOT of games that I want to play, so I probably won’t be able to play the specific one you want for a long while. But you can suggest a game to play in the “#stream-suggestions” channel on Discord.

When will you do a specific stream again?

  • I don’t usually schedule out my streams, so unfortunately I don’t know exactly when a certain stream will happen again. But for big stream events, like the A Crew vs Z Crew tournament, I will let everyone know at least 1 week in advance so that they can attend.

Miscellaneous Questions

What is a Gamer God?

  • Gamer God is a special role given to someone who wins a stream contest, like a “Battle Bets” or “King of the Hill”. It doesn’t actually do anything, it’s just about recognizing their glory and honor.

  • If someone wins 3 Gamer Gods, then they will become a temporary mod.

What are Spoons? How do I bet?

  • For some streams, viewers can bet on the gameplay. We use “spoons” as the betting money, which Doug will give out during the stream.

  • To bet spoons, you type “!bets [# of Spoons] [Team #]” into chat

    • So for example, to bet 250 spoons on Team 2, you would type: “!bets 250 2”

What is the Minecraft server?

  • We have a DougDoug Minecraft server, open to any Twitch subscribers or Nitro boosters!

  • MCProHosting is graciously sponsoring our server! You can use code DOUGDOUG to get 20% off ANY MCProHosting plan

Why are you always late to the stream?

  • Actually, I am on time. Your clock is just fast.

  • Please visit the "Is Doug On Time" page for more information.


Who is Eddie?

Eddie is my friend and one of my old-coworkers. He is a gigantic butthole who always puts the chat in emote-only mode, and I love him.

Miscellaneous Questions

Twitch Chat Rules

Twitch Chat Rules

Why can’t I spam emotes or really big messages in chat?

  • Twitch emotes are fun! However, I would like for people to be able to write sentences and have conversations in chat, because my favorite part of streaming is interacting with viewers. And it’s REALLY hard for me to read everyone’s comments if the chat is just full of emotes. That’s why we remove comments that have lots of emotes or are really huge.

Why did I get banned from chat?

  • You probably said something that was very inappropriate, harassed someone, or continually spammed a message after a mod asked you to stop.

    • Please understand that my goal is to have an inclusive chat where anyone can have conversations and contribute. Spamming, harassing others, or racial jokes hurts that goal, which is why we are fairly strict about these rules.

  • If you would like to appeal your ban, there is a ban appeals form on the Discord.

Special Thanks

Special Thanks

None of this would be possible without our amazing community members!! A special thank you to:

  • Quicksparse, who manages the DougDoug Website and Trial Management Services

  • Captain Roach, who leads Minecraft Server development!

  • DDarknut, who programs Twitch Plays code and Betting code!

  • Dragont16, who manages the VOD Youtube channel

  • Eddie, who is a giant butthole.

  • Barn16, who edits various stream highlights

  • Mickmacks, who has created many Twitch emotes

  • The entire Mod team! They graciously give their time each week to manage the Twitch and Discord and make this whole thing work, and I am INCREDIBLY grateful to them. Thank you <3

Hardware Equipment

Hardware Equipment




Capture Card


Computer Specs

VR Equipment

  • I use an Oculus Rift Headset for VR

  • I use a ModMic from Antlion Audio for my wireless microphone during VR.

    • I am NOT sponsored by Antlion, but they sent me a ModMic and I’ve loved it, so I definitely recommend it for VR or wireless setups!




  • OBS to stream and record Youtube videos. It is 100% free. 

  • Streamlabs for stream alerts and donations.


  • Adobe Premiere to edit videos

  • Adobe Photoshop to edit images

Voice Commands

  • Voicebot to play with voice commands. They have a free version.

  • VoiceAttack for some streams (like spawning dragons if I say “dragon”). They have a free version

Betting Program

  • Better is the program I currently use for betting, developed by our mod DDarknut

  • Deepbot is the program I previously used for stream betting

Twitch Chat Plays

Twitch Chat Plays Code

My Twitch Chat Plays code can be found here:


  • You will need Python 2.7 and some basic programming knowledge to use the code. However, anyone is welcome to use my code for any purpose, no need to ask permission.

Why is your Twitch Code written so badly? You could make it way better!

  • I want my code to be extremely simple. I use this code live during streams, so I need to be able to add new features or debug problems VERY quickly and spend the least amount of time coding during a stream. Additionally, I want viewers to be able to easily read and understand the code. It is far more important to me for my code to be simple and flexible than to be optimized.

    • This is why I have all the code in a single file, and why I use a ton of “if” statements. It lets me modify game logic and switch between games extremely fast, rather than switching between many different files or variables.

  • Again, I fully admit that my code is not optimal. I could organize the files better, I could optimize the logic, I could do better parallel processing. However, for now, I am choosing to prioritize simplicity over optimization. 

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