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Red Dead's MOST INSANE mission, but Twitch Chat controls my mods

Can I beat Red Dead 2's "LENNY!!" mission if Twitch Chat controls the mods?
This was streamed live on twitch!



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I'm a bell pepper who explains things with food, or plays videogames in really, really stupid ways.

Doug is a sentient bell pepper who was hired by the FBI to crack gaming challenges and also talk about things with food.


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Principal's Note

Currently I don’t have a schedule for Youtube or Twitch.

I’m experimenting with a more unplanned schedule, and so unfortunately I can’t commit to a certain amount of youtube videos or streams. Sorry about that!

  • Every day that I do stream I will post in the #announcements channel on Discord, to give a heads up

  • And I will tweet on most days that I stream

I start streams around 12pm PT

(3pm ET | 20:00 BT | 21:00 CET)

but I'm usually late


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VOD 101

Teachers for VOD 101 are Twitch Mods:
-Roach (@captainroach606)
-Dragont16 (@meiyu_)

Required Books: Dragon is Bored


Academy Info

Music 101 Registration

Can you add a specific song to your music playlist?

Maybe! There is a “#stream-music-suggestions” channel on Discord which I read through, so feel free to post songs there.

Please note that I can only use music from videogame soundtracks, because most other music is copyrighted on Youtube or Twitch.

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If you prefer Paypal, on the board there is a link

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Donating is not required in the slightest, but I sincerely appreciate the support. Luv ya <3

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