Minecraft Server


We have a DougDoug Minecraft server, open to any Twitch subscribers or Nitro boosters!

Thanks to Captain Roach for leading Minecraft Server development and operations!

MCProHosting is graciously sponsoring our server! You can use code DOUGDOUG to get 20% off ANY MCProHosting plan




Access to the Server

Who can access the server?

The Minecraft Server is open to Twitch Subs and Discord Boosters as thank you for supporting the DougDoug channels.

How do I access it?

For accessing the Minecraft server, you are required to be in the Doug District Discord.

> Please read the rules of the Discord properly to get full access to the Discord <

Please join the Discord if you like to access the Minecraft server as it is a required part of it.

If you are a Twitch Sub, you must link your Discord account with the corresponding platform, to do so you need to go to User Settings > Connections on Discord to integrate your accounts.

By integrating your Discord account you should get the role “Spoonies“ if you are a Twitch sub.

The integration is key to identify whether you are a sub.

What Minecraft editions and versions?

The Minecraft Server is only accessible via Minecraft Java Edition (version 1.18).

What is the Server IP?

The IP to access the server is mc.dougdougw.com

Why can I not enter the server?

If you are trying to connect to it for the first time, you will encounter Linking Instructions.

In case of that please, follow the instructions below.

  1. Head to the Doug District Discord
    a. In case if you are new to it, please read the rules first to get full access

  2. Under the Minecraft Category, click on the #mc-link channel

  3. Go to page 7 of the Linking Instructions to obtain the required code to link your Discord Account with your Minecraft Account for access.

  4. Enter the message code as shown and then send it

    • !link {your code}

  5. You will receive a confirmation when the linking was successful, if not please follow the instructions you receive from the DougDoug Bot


After following the instructions you will now be able to join the Minecraft Server.


Recommended Texture Packs

Enhance your gameplay

To further enhance your gameplay on the Minecraft Server, it is recommended to use the Texture Packs as it will be described here.

What Texture Packs?

The following Texture Packs should be installed for a better gameplay experience:

What is Optifine?

Optifine is a modification to Minecraft that makes the game look better and it also allows for variations with textures.

Recommended Optifine Settings
For the best gameplay experience with Optifine, it is recommended to turn off Custom Sky in the Optifine Settings.
Texture Load Order
The Resource Pack Load Order should be as follows.

If you prefer the Vanilla textures over New Default + you can align the order as shown on the second picture.

NSwitch_PaperMarioTheOrigamiKing_Overview_Beautiful_Headline_PaperBG 90degrees.jpg

Contributions & Credits

Credits Illustration made by Mushie