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This is a speedrun challenge to drive past 5 checkpoints in GTA 5 as fast as possible, while using DougDoug's custom mod. 

The checkpoints are:

  • Del Perro Pier's sign

  • Golf Course's parking lot security booth

  • Vespucci Canal's middle bridge

  • Maze Bank's driveway

  • Police Department Headquarters overpass bridge

Make sure to check out the video of me showing the checkpoints in full detail on stream here:

There are 3 Difficulty Levels for this challenge, depending on your graphics settings and framerate:


  • In GTA 5's Graphics Settings, set the Population Density, Population Variety, and Distance Scaling to zero. This reduces the number of cars on the road.

  • Framerate can be set to whatever you want. The higher the framerate, the less the cars get boosted.


  • In Graphics settings, set Population Density, Population Variety, and Distance Scaling to max.

  • In Graphics settings, set Refresh Rate to 60Hz


  • In Graphics settings, set VSync to "Half". This caps the game at 30 FPS and makes the cars boost VERY hard.

  • This is the version that Doug played on stream.



STEP 1: Script Hook V

STEP 2: ScriptHookVDotNet

  • Next, download ScriptHookVDotNet below and put these files into your game's main directory.

    • There are 6 files in total (called ScriptHookVDotNet....), just put all 6 of these files into your main "Grand Theft Auto V" folder. It's the same folder where you you put the ScriptHook files above.

  • The 6 files are found here here:

STEP 3: Doug's Mod

  • Lastly, download my DougMod3 mod file and place it into the "scripts" subfolder in your game's main directory.

    • The location should look something like "SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Grand Theft Auto V/scripts/DougMod3.dll"

  • Download the mod file here: 

  • Once this is installed, you can boot the game and use the mod. 

    • To activate the mod, press the “K” key in the game. To deactivate, press “J”


You can use my mod however you would like, but the official rules of the DougDoug community challenge were as follows:

The challenge time begins when you pass 1 of the checkpoints, and ends when you pass the 5th checkpoint.

  • You may drive past the 5 checkpoints in any order. 


Doug’s custom mod must be running during the entire challenge:

  • To activate the mod, press “K”. To deactivate, press “J”

  • This mod makes your car explode if your vehicle takes any damage.

    • Note: sometimes you might hit something and not explode. The mod checks if the vehicle is "damaged" in the game. If you don't blow up, then technically the car wasn't damaged in the game.​

  • This mod also forces all nearby Cars and Pedestrians to boost forward or backward (chosen randomly) every 10 seconds

Any car is allowed, but NOT cars that jump or fly

  • Using a car boost IS allowed (i.e. an boost that launches you forwards). Cars that jump into the air are not allowed.

  • You can use a car that has weapons, but you can NOT shoot the weapons during the run.

  • RC Cars are not allowed

  • Taking a taxi as a passenger is not allowed, you have to drive the car yourself

  • You have to stay in your car the entire run.

  • You are allowed to upgrade your car at Los Santos Customs

  • You can use another mod to spawn your car, but it must be a car that comes from the vanilla game or online.

    • The Native Trainer mod (included in the Script Hook library above) can spawn custom cars for you. Press F4 in-game to activate it, and the numpad keys to navigate it.

Motorcycles and bicycles are NOT allowed. Must drive a car.


Franklin’s special driving power is NOT allowed


Must start the run with a 0-star wanted level

  • Once the run begins, it’s fine if the cops start chasing you

No using other mods that affect the gameplay, driving, or pedestrians in any way


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