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GTA 5 Mod

These are the instructions for setting up my GTA 5 "If I say Cop" challenge.

The setup is broken into 2 parts: my GTA 5 mod, then VoiceAttack. 

We'll start by installing the GTA 5 mod itself:

STEP 1: Script Hook V

STEP 2: ScriptHookVDotNet

  • Next, download ScriptHookVDotNet below and put these files into your game's main directory.

    • There are 6 files in total (called ScriptHookVDotNet....), just put all 6 of these files into your main "Grand Theft Auto V" folder. It's the same folder where you you put the ScriptHook files above.

  • The 6 files are found here here:

STEP 3: Doug's Mod

  • Lastly, download my "If I Say Cops" mod file and place it into the "scripts" subfolder in your game's main directory.

    • The location should look something like "SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Grand Theft Auto V/scripts/If I Say Cops Mod.dll"

  • Download the mod file here:​​

  • Once the mod is installed, you can open GTA 5 and use the mod.

The way this mod works is pretty simple: if you press certain keys on the keyboard, certain effects will trigger. Specifically, the following keys trigger the following effects:

  • I

    • Set Wanted Level to 0

    • Deactivate all other effects

  • Y

    • Set Police Wanted Level to 5

    • If it’s already at 5, spawn police cars 

  • U

    • Jumps your car up into the air

  • G

    • Spawn Ramps every 10 seconds

  • H

    • Spawn Rocket Launcher Police every 10 seconds

  • J

    • “Road Rage”: all nearby Pedestrians start driving recklessly

  • K

    • Spawn Cows every 10 seconds

  • L

    • Spawn Planes every 10 seconds

  • B

    • Make all nearby cars invisible every 10 seconds

  • N

    • “Black Hole”: shoot all nearby vehicles at player every 10 seconds

  • ;

    • Boosts your car forward

Now that GTA 5 is set up, we'll set up the VoiceAttack program.



Next up we need to install VoiceAttack. This is the program that listens to your voice and presses keyboard inputs if it hears a certain word.

Download VoiceAttack here:

This challenge works fine with the free version of VoiceAttack, however it's only $10 to get the full version with unlimited profiles and commands if you'd like to add more effects.

Now open up VoiceAttack. Click the "Edit Profile" button at the top right (it looks like a pencil over a square). From here, you can add new commands that VoiceAttack will listen for. Basically you are going to create a voice command for each one of the 10 GTA mod effects.

For example, lets make the command for saying "cops". Click the "New Command" button at the top right. At the top, make sure the "When I say" checkbox is checked.


Next, put the word *cop* into the text field. The asterisks on either side of the word mean that VoiceAttack will listen for the word inside of other words or phrases. For example, now "helicopter" will trigger this command because it has the word "cop" inside of it. If you don't include the asterisks, the command will only trigger if you say "cop" by itself with no other words or phrases.

Next, click the "Key Press" button on the left side. When the window opens, press the Y key on your keyboard. Then change the text field to hold down the button for 0.1 seconds. Then click OK. You've now set it up so that VoiceAttack will press the Y key for 0.1 seconds anytime it hears the word "cop". Feel free to add other effects that will happen, like saying something with text-to-speech or pausing for dramatic effect.

It should look something like this:

Press OK at the bottom to save this command. Congrats, now saying "cop" will call the cops in GTA 5!


Now you just need to create a new command for the other 9 effects, using the key bindings from the GTA 5 section above. So you would make a command that listens for "jump" and presses the U button, a command that listens for "ramp" and presses the G button, a command that listens for "rocket" and presses the H button, etc. Feel free to use whatever words you want as voice commands, just as long as it presses the right key to trigger the right effect.

Once you've set up the 10 voice commands, you're all good to go! Now open up GTA 5 with VoiceAttack running in the background. If VoiceAttack hears one of the trigger word, it will press that key on the keyboard, and my mod will fire the effect in game.

Have fun!

If you would like to learn more about creating your own GTA 5 mods, check out the info below.


If you would like to create your own GTA 5 mods in C#, I learned using the following tutorial series by Mordecki32: 

This series teaches you the basics of setting up Visual Studio projects for GTA 5 as well as the basic functions for modding the game itself. You will still have to do a fair amount of research and testing on your own to learn about all the possibilities available to you, but this tutorial is a great place to start.

If you have additional questions or issues, I recommend asking on the GTA5-Mods modding forum. I unfortunately am not available to help with individual questions about coding or debugging, but the folks on the forums are usually able to help answer any questions:

If you would like to look at the source code for my mod above, you can download the C# file here:

This should give some good examples of how to mod different elements of the game.

Good luck!

GTA 5 Modding

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