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The Barnplotian Revolutionary War - complete
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The Barnplotian Revolutionary War - complete - Giorgio Edition
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The Barnplotian Revolutionary War - complete - British Edition
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The Barnplotian Revolutionary War - complete - Russell Edition
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The Barnplotian Revolutionary War

The Year is 2021. August 7th, a grandiose day as a festival full of hard-shaped and low-pixel cross. It was the Grand Opening of the First 17th Minecraft Creative Building and Display Competition also known as the second official Build Battle.

All the people were invited which got the blessings by our leader and true philanthropical hero Jeff Bezos. Only the chosen one picked by his wisdom were invited.

As Jeff Bezos is a god of everything, the Build Battle was overseen by the next most qualifying person, which was his Majesty Princess Doug.

His Majesty Princess Doug is the de facto ruler of the lands known to us people as the DougDoug Kingdom. As a sign of the respect of the lands these Build Battle was organized to celebrate the love and fun of randomly generated content that everyone enjoys.

The celebrations of the great Build Battle was as enjoyable as last time, but everything changed when the 3rd Round arrived.

The inspiration of the 3rd Round was his Majesty Princess Doug himself.
All the 24 participants of the round were very creative and they each had they own way of interpreting the beauty, cleverness, kindness and culture of his Majesty Princess Doug.

And one especially understood the culture of his Majesty Princess Doug too well. It was the oversized minds of the people of Plot 3-12 (known as the Plots).
Those people interpreted his Majesty Princess Doug so perfectly, it almost shattered the mind of his Majesty Princess Doug.
The Plots created a Barn full of Barn Heads, in memory of the great Barn 16 (not to be confused with Barn 17). But his Majesty Princess Doug was not able to see the whole beauty of the creation as he was full in his duty to take care of the Build Battle.

... and then it happened.
His Majesty Princess Doug disqualified Plot 3-12.
Chaos broke out. As the people got enraged by the disrespectful behavior of his Majesty Princess Doug, which was unable to see the full potential.

People across the DougDoug Kingdom went to the streets and demanded a democratic decision in the matter of that fundamental issue.
His Majesty Princess Doug gave the people a choice, but some historians are unsure if there was even an election. It is highly certain, that it was rigged from the beginning.

And only the bravest people stood up to challenge the authority his Majesty Princess Doug. One of the famous members, Roach, of the Plots, screamed for Freedom of Art.
But his Majesty Princess Doug simply called her Royal Twitch Guards and punished those people, the Plots, of separatist and rebellious actions against the DougDoug Kingdom.

After about 69 seconds (the records are lost to time about the exact amount) which felt like a lifetime. These people were released from the prison. Once the most loyal people of the DougDoug Kingdom, and now the least respected people of the whole kingdom. Their hearts were shattered like if a cookie fell down from the highest tower within the DougDoug Kingdom.

But not only the Plots were punished, even civilians not involved in the matter were targeted. One of such civilians was a person referred as QS. He was taken into custody without any proof or reason. It is said that the person still has a posttraumatic stress disorder from that event.

The Plots felt like being pushed out of the Dougian society. The only solution these people saw was bringing back their pride by showing the society, they were rejected from, by showing a great artwork that was of pure hearts.

This is the story of Plot 4-8. It was Round 4 of the second Build Battle and the focus of this round was the holy saint of Food Craftsmanship and Mastery of Edibles Cowboy Ramsay Guy Gordon Fieri.
In the core beliefs of the long-lasting followers of Cowboy Ramsay Guy Gordon Fieri, their saint is being associated to Barns and the will of finding Barns in need. These followers are known as the Barnfinders.

During the 4th Round these both groups exchanged their knowledge and cultures and intermixed to form a new unique culture in honor of his Majesty Princess Doug. Due to the intermixing both groups are now interchangeable to both terms.
The Plots/Barnfinders celebrated together and made a Grand Barn to honor the Barnfinderian saint. It is said that the Grand Barn was made with such love that it is impossible to describe the effects it has to the people surrounding such magnificent construction. The Grand Barn was not only a symbol to the saint, but it was also a present to his Majesty Princess Doug as well, the exterior and interior were greatly decorated with Barns that resembled the great Barn 16.

Despite being the most knowledgeable person within the Build Battle celebrations, his Majesty Princess Doug misinterpreted the Grand Barn. His Majesty Princess Doug was unaware of the Barnfinderian ways and did not approve the construction as a festive symbol of the inspired saint.
His Majesty Princess Doug disqualified Plot 4-8 without even thinking about the Barnfinderian/Plotian Youth and Children. It was a massacre, of the love towards his Majesty Princess Doug.
With the realization of no reintegration into Dougian society these people saw only one way out of hell.
Independence from the DougDoug Kingdom.

The date is Round 5th of Secundus Constructio Pugna, a majority of Barnfinderians respectively Plotians are migrating to the overseas colonies of the DougDoug Kingdom. Some of the well-known DougDoug Royal Twitch colonies are OldDougDoug, PresentDougDoug, NewDougDoug and the biggest colony NewNewDougDoug, which is a city state that was founded by the governor called NewNewDougDoug with an unknown origin.
The records of Governor NewNewDougDoug's achievements are lost to history and his rise to powers is untraceable. But regardless of his past, he was a very brave soul that made the call for independence.
Within the 5th Round, his Majesty Princess Doug received information of suspicious activities within several of his overseas territories.

His Majesty Princess Doug laughed at these rebellious activities and marked them as worthless efforts that would boost his approval of being a well governed democracy. His Majesty Princess Doug did not take them seriously and ignored their presence. 
Regardless of that, standing in front of his Majesty Princess Doug, Governor NewNewDougDoug declared independence from the DougDoug Kingdom and cut off the Royal colonial taxes from the DougDoug Kingdom. Then the NewNewDougDougian government banned the presence of DougDoug officials and his Majesty Princess Doug as well.

Shocked to hear the Independence of the Royal Twitch colonies and her ban of his majestic presence, his Majesty Princess Doug wrote a proclamation of the Royal Twitch colonies to gain control back.

His Majesty Princess Doug tasked the most loyal robotic servants, his majestic Twitch Ban Appeal Agents, to bring his majestic Proclamation of 1763 to Governor NewNewDougDoug.

In pain Governor NewNewDougDoug received his majestic Proclamation of 1763 and in panic accepted his majestic requests and submission of his Majesty Princess Doug.
At this point, the revolution was at its lowest point and the Plotians were near the breaking point of giving up independence.

Then, unexpected for both sites, Governor NewNewDougDoug retroactively declined his majestic order and threw away his majestic Royal Orange Pepper Flavored La Croix into the Atdougtic Ocean.

It was the hour of the NewNewDougDoug City La Croix Party, a major defeat for his Majesty Princess Doug's wealth, pride and hydration.
The NewNewDougDougian destroyed all his majestic Royal possessions and established a new era. An era of the rising Barnplotians.

Meanwhile far far away respectively the across the Atdougtic Ocean, his Majesty Princess Doug, full of anger and lust of revenge, went to his majestic summer palace to reside with his trusted commanders.

Years has been passed, at least there is the feeling of it. Historians predicted that the conflict between the revolutionary armies and the royal troops was a bloody one and several fighters on both sides became victims of the war.

The strategies on how his Majesty Princess Doug went into the conflicts are unknown but it is suggested that his majestic Royal Premium Elite Peace Patriots of Eternal Righteousness, also known as the Royal PEPPER, were heavily involved. The Royal PEPPER are a force no one likes to reckon with as they had full access to his majestic Royal Armory consisting of technological advancements such as nuclear airstrikes, deployable blockages devices, artificial intelligence controlled drones, electromagnetic disturbances devices and intercontinental ballistic missiles systems.

As no one was able to hear what has happened in NewNewDougDoug City, it is believed that NewNewDougDoug City was hit by an ICBM followed by several nuclear airstrikes to ransack NewNewDougDoug City from every history book.

The date is 18th of August, his Majesty Princess Doug has returned from his majestic summer palace and is now going to address the people of his Majesty Princess Doug's domain worldwide. His Majesty Princess Doug's Royal Address towards the people of the DougDoug Kingdom was scheduled for 3 hours.

His majestic speech was of the concern of the dogcheese makers of his majestic DougDoug Kingdom and it's short supply resulted by the war. His majestic segment about the dooming dogcheese shortage crisis brought the people of the DougDoug Kingdom in dystopian state. As it was his majestic recommendation to eat one cup of dogcheese per day to stay as loyal as possible to his Majesty Princess Doug.

This construct was established in that way, according to archeologists and researchers, to benefit the wealth creation for his Majesty Princess Doug even in bad times of the DougDoug Kingdom, as the dogcheese market was full under control by his Majesty Princess Doug. It is said that all dogcheese producers were forcefully combined under the crown, so that they could supply dog yogurt, known by his Majesty Princess Doug as douggurt, to his Majesty Princess Doug himself.
The daily consumption of douggurt by his Majesty Princess Doug was estimated at 5 gallons per day, which was only fulfillable under the circumstances set by his majestic royal dogcheese monopoly.

As the demand was high due to being a forced new tradition to the Dougian society, the war effort led to a sudden decline in demand and supply, as many soldiers including dog farmers & dogcheese makers left the country to fight in honor of the crown.

As the revolutionary war was over, the DougDoug Kingdom was lacking essential dogcheese capacity and the demand suddenly increased as dogcheese was a festive symbol due its rarity and high proteins.

But on this glory day, his Majesty Princess Doug made the most important decision that his Majesty Princess Doug is remembered for his lifetime and beyond forever.
His Majesty Princess Doug suddenly stopped the speech, then 69 seconds exactly passed. With a calming and caring voice his Majesty Princess Doug made the most influential policy that is still influencing the society today.
s Majesty Princess Doug motivated the people of the DougDoug Kingdom to eat less dougcheese and introduced the Ethical Dogcheese Campaign which resulted in the majestic Royal Ethically-Sourced Diverse Dairy Origin and Production Statute. This royal statute was the beginning of many dairy makers which specialized in ethical and diverse dairy.

Besides the most important part of the speech, his Majesty Princess Doug gave a victory speech that the Barnplotian Revolutionary War was no more. The Twitch colonies were in grip control of his Majesty Princess Doug again and an official royal statement to the ruins of the former town NewNewDougDoug City was made. In that royal statement, it was stated that NewNewDougDoug City is non-existing as it was hit by 420 nuclear airstrikes and 69 intercontinental ballistic missiles. In addition to that, there will be no refund options for any survivors or relatives of them from NewNewDougDoug City.

The crowd in front of his majestic royal palace celebrated the vastly superior victory against the desultory weak rebellion. At last, a bounty was put on the rebellion leader Governor NewNewDougDoug, which escaped to the Dougribbean Island of NewDoug Twitchlands. It is suggested that Governor NewNewDougDoug is still active and trying to come back one day, but ultimately it is impossible as NewNewDougDoug City was burned to its ruin.

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