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Dougies 2022

only on
8th January 2023 at 12pm PT

Most Profitable Stream for Betters

1:300 odds that Doug guesses more countries in Asia than USA

Mario Maker 25 levels in 1 life, most notable moment

GTAV community challenge

Planet Coaster

Most Rigged Bet

BOTW Randomizer, Doug decides to do a coin flip

The bank guy prediction, where cheaters tried to fraud the system, and got PORKED

Planet coaster game mechanics screwing him over

BOTW Randomizer, mods paying out the wrong prediction

Most Channel Points Wasted

The oxygen bank can't close today

3 Zorbeez at the same time

Alarm sounds

25 seconds of farts

Loudest Moment

Billy Mays commercial

Laundry Alarm

Drunken Saylor

15 whole seconds of farts

Best Collab Moment (and Stream)

Diablo The Cheater absolutely demolishing Pointcrow Party

Shit King origin story

I'll save you Smallant!

24 previously on, debunking the Molly theory

Best On-Stream Call

Parkzer communicating with rats

Parkzer cinematography knowledge

Parkzer asks to rig the prediction

Parkzer seducing a goldfish

Best Chair Stream Moment

Pepsi Chair!!

Chair therapy session

Chair doesn't like playing peggle

Double chair

The Moment Doug Shat Himself on Stream

Sipping to hide the sound of regret

Can smell that his diaper needs to be changed

Concentrated just a little too hard

Doug laughs at his own fart

Luckiest Chat Moment

Leave her johnny, leave her

Saul Goodman destroys the army of Dougkota

Carrying the Peggle speedrun

Escaping monoply hell

Best Random TTS Donation

I have agoraphobia

Turkey Tits

The one guy in the basement

TTS hath lithp

When Doug STOLE an Idea from Chat to make Content

Money for the editor

The beginning of inspirobot

The bunny suit saga

The amazing home renovations chat is capable of

Best COMPLETED Challenge

Dark souls 3 random effect every 2 mins

Driving across GTA 5 with voice commands, but ANY damage kills you

Beating the GTAV community challenge himself

Peggle Grand master "speedrun"

Best UNCOMPLETED challenge

Minecraft with Pointcrow

Doug and chat lose the nuzlocke, and whos fault is it?

Iron bros, beating 25 levels in 1 life, Doug loses at the 12th level

GTAV random gravity

When Doug Threw for Content

Can Doug speedrun GTA 5 ONLY by launching himself?

Zelda botw radomizer

Driving across GTA 5 with voice commands, but ANY damage kills you

Golf minigame at pointcrow party

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